Where are the Asian faces on TV?

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 3.58.31 PM That's the question posed by Sonia Gray in the Spinoff, a website focused on TV and media. It's a question I've often asked, but possibly with more self-serving intent. Contrast the faces broadcast from TVNZ, in the Auckland CBD, and TV3, in Eden Tce -- versus the faces walking the streets outside these buildings. The faces broadcast from inside these buildings represent a mythical New Zealand, from the 70s. Sonia Gray (yes, the beautiful Lotto host, who is, improbably, a probing, funny, sensitive writer) delivers a researched, LOL piece. Spoiler alert: I get mentioned. Indeed, I'm a punchline. The fact that I'm mentioned as an Asian face on TV, without having been on TV in years, shows just how rare we are.

Read Sonia's article, the first of two parts, here.