nature v nurture

Deep down, humans believe in genetics more than upbringing. That’s why stories are full of orphans raised by cruel step-parents, yet turning out nice. Think Harry Potter, Cinderella. If we believed in cycles and good parenting, we’d expect Harry Potter to grow into an abusive father. We don’t. Luke Skywalker is the opposite: he had an evil dad, a very evil dad, but Luke turned out nice. Then again, Darth Vader was ultimately nice in Return of the Jedi. So maybe Luke Skywalker’s genes were nice deep down in the first place. Then again, Luke did have a crush on his sister, Princess Leia, for the entire first movie. But we shouldn’t blame him. Luke and Leia grew up in separate households, on different planets, and neither consummated nor procreated, so what’s the harm? Besides, we shouldn’t impose our taboos on other galaxies. Um, then again, it was all made up.