hokitika A3 print V5 web First things first: there will be a bar at the venue.

I'm in the neighbourhood, fair people of Hokitika, so I thought I'd pop in and do a show. Let's say hi. Let's wonder if we should shake hands. OK, I'll do the talking, even if that means I risk appearing bubbly. Let's be as enthusiastic as it's comfortable for us to be. Whether it's half-smile, three-quarters, or the full Keri Hulme, let's climb the jungle gym of awkwardness and enjoy playtime even though it's crisp out. The show takes place SAT AUG 8 at the Old Lodge, otherwise known as the Dramatic Society on Regent St.

Bookings, physically, like walk your ass there, at the Hokitika Regent. And yes, there will be a bar at the venue :-) SEE YOU THERE. Did I mention there's a bar at the venue? A BAR. SERVING DRINKS.