An Asian at my Table: 10th Anniversary Edition OUT NOW ON KINDLE


Well, it's been a long time coming but here we are. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm delighted to announce the Tenth Anniversary Edition of my book, An Asian at my Table. To state the highly probable, it's been ten years since this book came out as a sheaf of paper and glue. It was a wad, it was a ream. Now it's an e-book on Amazon Kindle. This version sports an all new cover, a new intro, and every word of text has been meticulously vajazzled, or rather, dejazzled. Ten years can be a long time for jokes, so I've gone back to the original pixels and hit control-delete with a cold heart and a greedy rhythm. The chiselled sculpture that remains, has withstood a tightening and firming treatment that would cost a movie star a fortune. If you loved it the first time, now rekindle your love, on Kindle. Put your treasured paperback next to the e-book and play 'spot the difference'. If this book is brand new to you, Kindle now, and later on, rekindle. As a special launch offer, the book will be marked down to the crazy price of US$0.99 for three days (or 72 hours in hostage-ransom time) so get amongst it. As Amazon Kindle like to point out, this book can teleport magically onto any of your devices within one minute, so surrender to that impulse! You won't regret it. (Well, you might, but if you do, surrender to another impulse! And another! And another!) To find out more, or even to download a free sample, click here. Then click again! And again!