Bradley Manning's Apology in Court

After what, 1200 days of psychological torture, Bradley Manning, the exposer of war crimes, said this today in court: "How on earth could I, a junior analyst, possibly believe I could change the world for the better over the decisions of those with the proper authority?"If you spit when you reach the words 'proper authority' the sentiment comes out just right. I can imagine Martin Luther King bellowing 'proper authority,' like an ominous drumbeat, the trampling percussion of invasion. Bradley Manning's quote should be the opening of one of the great inspirational speeches of our time. Indeed, of any time. IF ONLY more junior analysts, or minions, or cogs -- or soldiers just following orders -- had the courage and moral compass to seek to change the world for the better. PARTICULARLY over the decisions of those with the proper authority. The world would be a better place. History will show Bradley Manning did change the world for the better. Amid the bombs, his quiet example gleams. His heroism is all the mightier for being performed by a human. Bradley Manning's flesh and emotions have certainly registered these 1200 days of calculated treatment, hour by waking hour, requisitioned and carried out by the same proper authority. At terrifying personal cost, he exposed war crimes. He is a hero. Read his quote again. Out loud. Choose between disgust or tears when you reach 'proper authority.' His words ought surely be engraved on the gateway to heaven. We can only hope justice sees the light before then.