Big news, I'm filming my first DVD in April. Thank you, thank you. Well, to be honest, it'll be video not film. And let's face it, this show will get seen more often as a download than a DVD. (Are there even shops any more that sell DVD's? You can buy a DVD PLAYER for the old price of a DVD, so the signs are not promising for the future of Digital Versatile Disk.) Never mind, I've been meaning to make a special since the days of VHS, so let's get it done before we all get squashed by an asteroid, and comedy reverts to humorous cave painting. Welcome to our era. We've reached a point in history where artists hope that their files are shared far and wide, because it's embarrassing to be a little boat that even pirates won't touch. As the saying goes, sticks and stones may break our bones, but downloads improve live ticket sales. The DVD special is called Squeeze My Live Album which I enjoy because it contains the letters 'Squeeze My Bum.' Yes, this is the level of my first and possibly only Greatest Hits compilation. Wouldn't you like to be a part of this? Well, you can. The show is in Wellington on Sat April 13 at Meow on Edward St. Laugh good and your noises will make it to the final cut. (No pressure.) I'll be doing the show twice that night. All tickets are $10, which is absolutely cray-cray. So get in fast. Book your tickets here! More details soon.