Comedy Festival: Wellington, Here I Come!

The show opens this week at Downstage. Played two nights last week in the Concert Chamber of Auckland Town Hall. Auckland Scene reviewed the show: "Must-see, nerve-wrenching, white-knuckle comedy."

(The reviewer also perceptively described me as "the thinking woman's comedian.") If you're not a woman, or you don't think, or you don't think you're a woman, that is still OK. The show works across many cogito-gender-identities. I like to think I put the Titties into Cogito-Gender-Identitties. Boom.

To read the full review, go to AUCKLAND SCENE.

The Downstage season runs May 15-19, 8.30pm. Pre-book your own personal comfy duration-of-show chair-furnishings at DOWNSTAGE.