A New Product Is Born

There’s something about Mary. And there’s something about this mug. The iconic poster for Raybon’s live show ‘Clear and Present Manger’, has transubstantiated into this sturdy handled chalice, offering sanctuary to all beverages hot and cold. Whether your calling is coffee, tea, or holy water for a quick baptism, this mug will withstand all the healing elixirs you pour into it. Mazel tov! Are there coded messages inside this painting? Is the baby a miracle, an imposter, or a victim of human trafficking? Is Mary so hammered from Xmas drinks she doesn’t notice who’s on her lap? The perfect Christmas™ present, this Finite Edition® mugs has been moulded from genuine stone chippings and manger-scrapings quarried in Royal Bethlehem,* then lovingly hand-baked by a higher power.** Verily, this is not so much a coffee mug as a healing talisman*** in the spirit of Christmas.**** This mug paints exactly 1000 words, two of which are: Merry Christmas.

* Untrue ** A factory in New Plymouth, technically north. *** Utter fiction. **** Baseless fantasy.

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