Hitler has Aids

So the Germans have produced an Aids awareness ad in which Hitler has sex with a hot woman. Well, Hitler’s the surprise reveal at the end. It’s not like the ad opens on Hitler, in bed, ranting, giving a speech, while a sepia map of a nude woman uses cartoon arrows to indicate Hitler’s artillery, tactics, and sites of invasion.It’s more like this: a smoking hot woman is having glamorous, smoking hot sex all over every part of an expensive hotel room, with some guy -- oh, it’s Hitler. The end. When they reveal Hitler’s ravenous coital face, the tagline reads: Aids is a mass murderer. (For the observant, there are subtle clues enroute that the man was Hitler. The sex begins, after all, in the shower.) For most of the ad, though, not seeing the man’s face (and not wondering either) all we do is savour the woman’s lust. The viewer thinks: whoa, that chick is hot. And then - the buzzkill downer. It’s Hitler. (But I was enjoying that!) My first reaction to Hitler was the same as any time I’m watching porn and we dwell on the man. Move the camera. Away. Go back. To the woman. My second thought was this. Way to go, Hitler! Hitler’s scored a hottie! Hitler has a way with the ladies! As the saying goes in German, Power pullen Pornopussy! Not only that, Hitler has clearly been hitting the gym. Ripped? He looks like he’s just completed the Iron Cross in the Berlin Olympics. He’s built like the pool boy, not the millionaire. This is not some jaded, decadent Caesar’s lazy five-minute assisted wank with a slave girl. He’s really putting some effort, imagination and cardio into the whole session. As reflected by her enjoyment. She’s having a great time. She is definitely not lying back and thinking of Austria. Samantha from Sex and the City would give this session two fists up. But alas: It’s Hitler. We the audience only notice this at the end, but surely, she knew this from the outset. Some would imagine this was part of the attraction. So what’s the real moral? Hitler has Aids, so when you time-travel-shag him, use eine Kondom. Be a safe Nazi.