Video Clips

Middle Earthlings

Raybon notices something about Middle Earth.

New Zealand’s Armed Forces

Raybon discusses how military New Zealand is, as a country.

The Global Financial Crisis

Raybon explains what happened to the world economy.

Texting & Driving

From TV3’s Aotearoha, Raybon questions the law against using cellphones while driving.

Marriage is like KFC

From TV3’s Aotearoha, Raybon ruminates on relationships — in decline and in blossom.

Raybon’s Celebrity Hideaway Kiln

Peep behind the scenes as Raybon lovingly hand-crafts his Political Pottery™.

Ghost Noodles

Raybon plays himself in a sketch in TV3’s Wannaben. Caution: contains realistic horror elements, and deep religious questions.

Celebrity Roast of Murray Mexted

From Comedy Central NZ, Raybon roasts the legendary rugby legend.

Freedom Air Ads

Raybon used to do ads for an airline! These were the days when it was surprising for airlines to skimp on the luxuries.

Video blog

A fly-on-the-wall documentary look at the reality of Raybon’s domestic life. Caution: Raybon doesn’t wear glasses in this.

Video Elsewhere On The Web

Here are some clips from other sites.

Raybon being interviewed about his Downstage Christmas Comedy show, ‘Clear and Present Manger’ on Good Morning, TVNZ, Dec 2011

Raybon emotionally discusses his relationship with rugby legend Murray Mexted in Comedy Central’s Celebrity Roast of Murray Mexted, Sky TV, Sep 2011

Raybon being interviewed about his 2011 NZ Comedy Festival show, ‘Awesome $ecrets of Winning Thru £aziness’ on Good Morning, TVNZ, April 2011.